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We all would ideally like to live in harmony with our neighbours and those we share a house with. However, occasionally problems arise that can make life difficult. The following tips are designed to help you to be a ‘good’ neighbour and tenant.

Being a good tenant:

  • At the beginning of your tenancy read and fully understand the conditions of the agreement – if there is anything you do not agree with then raise it with a Place Properties representative before you sign
  • Ensure you pay the correct rent on time. If there is a problem paying communicate with a Place Properties representative as soon as possible. This way we are more likely to offer you some flexibility
  • Keep the property in a good state of repair – do not cause or let visitors cause deliberate damage. We understand that accidents can happen and if they do then you need to report it to Place Properties
  • Keep the property clean and put your rubbish out at collection time
  • Notify us of any problems with the property by letter or email – this way you have a formal record
  • We may need to access the property to do safety checks, repairs or viewings – try to be flexible and accommodate our requests
  • Ensure you have contents insurance on your personal property

Being a good neighbour:

Respecting your neighbours is especially important and a condition within your tenancy agreement. Forming good relations will only benefit you and your fellow housemates. Here are some tips on how to keep harmonious:

  • Keep noise down to a respectable level
  • Keep your outside areas clean and tidy
  • Do not litter your neighbour’s property
  • If parking is limited, make sure that you (or your visitors) do not block your neighbour’s access

Problem neighbours:

If you start to have experience problems with your neighbours, we recommend you follow the guidance below:

  • Communicate politely and keep a record of your actions
  • Do not retaliate using similar anti-social behaviour – this will only make the problem worse
  • If you are unable to resolve a problem amicably, contact a Place Properties representative and we will act as a mediator
  • If a neighbour gets abusive or damages your property call the local Police on 101 or 999 in cases of emergency

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