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Place Properties does not run a 24 hours, 7 days a week service. Although, we will always do our best to help (please refer to charges set out within your ASTA). Out of hours maintenance is the responsibility of the tenants. With this in mind, we have put together guidance and cover plans to help if required.

Find further information below:

Emergency response – how to let us know

If you are experiencing an emergency and need to correspond with us out of hours contact hello@placeproperties.co.uk and we will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.

Please note that an emergency is classed as a fire, flood, gas leak, electrical failure, burglary or boiler break down. If your issue is not classed as an ‘emergency’ you should wait until office hours e.g. lost keys, locked out of bedroom etc. Any false or non-emergency call outs are subject to our call out fee.

Water leak

If you have a major water leak, first locate the mains water stop cock (usually in the cellar or in the kitchen) and turn the tap clockwise to turn the mains water off and then drain the system by running the taps into the sinks.

In exceptional circumstances, tenants may contact a contractor direct (via Yell.com) to organise an out of hours repair. Tenants will be reimbursed if the charge is justified, billable to the landlord and a receipt is kept and provided to Place Properties.

Tenant responsibility

If tenants have damaged the property out of office hours and where it is not the responsibility of the landlord to repair or replace, for example a blocked toilet or smashed window, then tenants will be responsible to cover an exact like-for-like repair. Tenants will need to inform Place Properties by email of any damage at their earliest convenience, to organise contractors (at your cost).

Useful information

  • If you believe there is a gas leak – immediately call the National Gas Emergency Helpline on 0800 111 999
  • For information on electrical power cuts affecting your area visit click here
  • For boiler or heating problems – contact Property Heatcare on 01909 470402 quoting your address
  • For white goods repairs e.g. fridge freezers, washing machines – email Place Properties with the make, a photo model number and serial number sticker (found on the inside of the appliance) and a brief description of the issue
  • If you are locked out – contact Place Properties first. If we are required to come out, then a call out charge will be made. If we are unavailable and you need a locksmith – contact H Harrolds & Sons on 0114 275 8279. Please note that if a lock is changed then you will be responsible for the cost of cutting new keys for all your fellow tenants

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