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At Place Properties, we understand every penny counts for our tenants and they want as little fuss as possible on moving out. It is quite simple – if your property is left as found on arrival, all payments and procedures are carried out, then your deposit will be returned in full.

To enable deposit refunds to be processed efficiently, you must carry out each of the following:

1. Cleaning & rubbish removal

Most deductions are for cleaning and rubbish removal, so it is important to make sure the property is clean throughout, tidy and ready for the inspection. If the property is not in good condition, then charges against deposits will be made for cleaning and rubbish removal.

2. Utility bills & forwarding addresses

Gas, electricity, council tax, water (if applicable) and telephone/internet bills must be paid in full, up to the end date of your contract. On final inspection, we will take gas and electric meter readings. You will need to submit these to your utility providers. Do not disconnect the services to the property but tell the providers that it is the end of your tenancy, new tenants are moving in and they will be informed of their names shortly. If bills are not paid in full, this can affect your credit history.

3. Return of all keys

Ensure ALL keys are put in a large envelope marked for our attention with your name and forwarding address, in order to reissue your deposit. Any bedroom keys must be clearly labeled to identify which bedroom they correspond to (e.g. ground floor front bedroom). If any keys are not returned on your specified vacation date and time, there will be charges as per the signed ASTA.

4. Mail redirection

To ensure you receive your future mail, please set up a re-direct service at the Post Office. This will help to protect you from potential identity theft. Neither Place Properties nor the incoming tenants will be held responsible for the re-direction or collection of your mail.

5. Rubbish disposal

We advise tenants to not leave rubbish disposal until the last week or final bin collection. There is usually too much waste for one bin load and the authorities will not pick up excess rubbish. The bin-lid must be firmly shut with no rubbish left on the street – failure to do this can result in fines from the Council.

Do not leave any rubbish or personal possessions for us to deal with otherwise a charge will be imposed.

6. Final property inspection

Make sure you have carefully crossed referenced against the signed Inventory, Condition Report, Checkout Checklist and ASTA – leaving the property as found on your arrival. Any discrepancies will be deducted from your deposit.

If you require a specific onsite Checkout Appointment, with a Place Properties representative, this is chargeable at a rate of £40.

Once we have carried out a full inspection of the property, you and your lead tenant will be informed of any deductions via email. We will forward the repayment via the DPS, where your deposit is held – visit here for full information.

Please note – the DPS will require a response from you to reissue your deposit, via their website. We do not hold private account information so contact the DPS directly on 0330 303 0030 for further advice.

It is in the tenant’s interest to be reasonable when reissuing deposits. Any disagreements will result in significant delays in returning deposits, as the case will be forwarded for adjudication which can result in waiting many months.

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