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Rental payments

In order to coincide with landlord mortgage payment dates, tenant rental payments must be made on the dates, as agreed with Place Properties, for your property. We accept either standing orders or cheques for rental payments.

Please note that any standing orders not received on the agreed rent payment dates may be subject to delayed payment charges. Similarly, should any rent cheques bounce these will be subject to a bounced cheque charge. Please see your tenancy agreement for further details.

How to set up a standing orders

The video below gives more information on setting up a standing order for your rent payments and the difference between standing orders and direct debits.

Energy usage

How to take a meter reading

Most of our properties will have either analogue or digital meters, where you can read the usage number directly from the meter reading.

In some cases, properties may have Smart Meters or the older style Dial Meters which can be difficult to read.

For guidance on how to take a meter reading click on the tutorials below:

Find out who supplies your energy

You can ask the previous tenants or look for any post that has come through usually to the ‘new occupier’. Alternatively:

For gas – use The Meter Point Administration Service at Find My Supplier or call 0870 608 1524

For electricity – contact the Local Distribution Centre for your area. Visit Who Supplies My Energy for a full list of numbers.

How to top up your boiler

Underneath the boiler either directly or behind a panel you should see a steel braided hose connecting two pipes, on either end of the hose there will be two plastic taps. Turn both clockwise SLOWLY until you hear running water. The pressure gauge or digital display on the front of the boiler will begin to rise. SLOWLY fill the boiler with water and when the pressure reading reaches 1.5 bars turn both taps off.


Once the pressure is topped up to 1.5 bar and both taps are closed, then reset the boiler by turning the dial to the front to reset – hold in the reset position for a minimum of 3 seconds and then release. Alternatively, it can be reset by turning the power off at the wall. The boiler should now function as normal.

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